Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sarah Palin

-I think Sarah Palin is a very central figure to my blog topic because not only is she running for a very high leadership position of Vice President in the United States government, but she is very controversial among women. I have included this web link to National Public Radio in my blog for this week because it shows the controversy among women on whether or not she has been a good leader as governor of Alaska and whether they think she would make a good Vice President. One of the main things I will be looking for at first is whether or not the female vote really changed drastically from Democrat to Republican with Hillary Clinton losing in the primaries to Barak Obama and Sarah Palin being appointed as running mate to John McCain. I am still doing research on this, but I keep running to sites that I cannot be certain are true and trustworthy.
I plan to focus on this aspect of my blog until Election Day in the beginning of November, following on how the female vote sways, and then start to look at female leaders worldwide and how they have succeeded. In the meantime, I will be doing a lot more research on the Clinton vs. Palin aspect and posting more frequently. I have found the National Public Radio (NPR) website has some great and trustworthy articles on Sarah Palin herself. Now I need to work on the possible change in votes since Clinton lost. I thought that I would get this up on Sarah Palin as a start to give a base on how women view her. When you read it, I think it would be a good idea to check out the other articles on this topic that NPR links to. Next will be articles on Hillary Clinton and the possible change in votes.


KSmith said...

I too have been anxiously following this issue, as the election is looming.
As far as I have found, adding Sarah Palin to the GOP ticket was a tactic to claim the votes of discouraged Clinton fans. But, due not to the sex of Sarah Palin, but to media reports of her character, this has not been extremely helpful in the GOP's race.
During the Democratic National Convention, it was extremely crucial that Clinton endorsed Obama as the next possible President. She did this, but to much criticism from news reporters. They claimed that she was only half-hearted in her support.
Again, this did not seem to have too large of an impact in the polls. It seems that the general public is more interested in the ideals of the candidates, and their positions on certain key issues. In my opinion, that is the way that it should be.

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