Sunday, December 7, 2008

-For this, my final blog, I have chosen to look at Africa, and its history with female leaders. The most interesting person that I found is President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. President Johnson-Sirleaf is the current leader of Liberia, and is the first elected female head in Africa. It is important not to confuse that she was the first female leader. She was the first elected female leader of Africa. I found not only the history of Liberia to be interesting, (which also explains her name), but also Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf's own background to be very interesting.
As with the other continents I have focused on, I found some other women to highlight in this post. They include: Luisa Diogo, Ruth Perry, and Elisabeth Domitien. They headed Mozambique, Liberia, and The Central African Republic, respectively. The first two links that I will add to the blog are about President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, and the rest are pages about the other in their respective order.
This blog has been a learning experience for me. It was a lot harder to find reliable information on female leaders in other parts of the world than it was to find info on people like Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin, which is why a lot of this blog is about them. I also learned how to use a blog, which will be useful in the future. Thanks!


ADAVIS43 said...

It is a huge accomplishment for women to have elected leaders. When a women is elected that means that the area that she lives in believes in her and therefore can do the job of running her nation. This is something that will hopefully happen someday in the United States. To many times people compare candidates as male or female. This is not how they should be looked at. People should be judged on their opinions and their ability to get a job done; not what their gender is. People have no control as to what gender they are when they are birthed and therefore they should not have that be a negative to their ideas that they have. Just because a candidate is female does not make her less qualified then any male she is running against. It seems that a few nations have realized this and hopefully more will be influenced to follow in their footsteps.

quanah said...

I think for the most part its vital just to get the information and facts out about what they are doing the fact that in many cases and instances they are able to do more with less than other people in office. It is definitely an important step through understanding and seeing what everyone is capable of in moving to an equal world.

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