Friday, November 21, 2008

This website (the first link listed) has been a very helpful starting place in research for this blog. It gives links to many sites, and updated new on what is happening with female leaders in the world today. Two good ones that are up right now are the one on the UN survey and the News Hour one on Israel. The UN link gives a chapter breakdown on some details about what women face when in a leadership position. This is just an article on the last Israeli election, but it is current information on a woman in a leadership position. There have been many helpful websites, but I think this one is a good starting point for somebody wanting to learn more about females in leadership roles in the world in general.
Following in my theme of looking up female leaders in different regions of the world, I decided to look at the greater Asia area this week. I again started with the website that I talked about earlier (the second link), which is a fairly current list of women in power now and women in power in the past. I also like to look at the past, because it gives a sort of history of female leadership. Like last time, I will give links to pages about these leaders. I know they are just Wikipedia links, but those pages lead to other pages that you can learn on. The countries involved will have links in the order given: The Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, and South Korea.

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