Sunday, October 12, 2008

SNL Skit

-Yes, this SNL skit with “featuring” Sarah Palin and Hilary Clinton is very funny; everybody laughs when they see it. But could this skit somehow send a poor message about female leaders? This is a question I have heard somebody ask, so I thought about it. I have seen this skit many times online and even on the news channels. When I first watched it, I just laughed and thought, “Wow that is pretty funny.” But then I thought about it and wondered. Could this make the idea of female leaders look bad? True, the goal of the skit was probably to make Sarah Palin look bad and stupid, but I think that both actors portrayed both their characters as sort of bad and stupid. Yes, it is a comedy, but it can still impact people in a poor way. Both potential leaders are on screen, giving stupid or sarcastic answers to issues. I think that though this is a comedy of Sarah Palin and Hilary Clinton, it may be based off the true opinions of some. Even with all this analysis, I have decided that overall this skit does not truly hurt the idea of a female leader in the United States. I think people ask the question more because this is a big year for female candidates. But in all the presidential races, there are skits, comics, or ads that make fun of whoever is running. There are even these same things made against people who are in office. Overall, it does not affect people’s true views, it is just something to laugh at.


K. Reilly Smith said...

Despite how funny and entertaining American’s find the SNL skits, they also shed a negative light on Sarah Palin. Putting aside my hatred for her, I find it unfair that the media only makes fun of her Alaskan accent and lack of knowledge and demeanor. I agree with what you expressed that these skits do not provide any positive aspects of Palin. Reading the newspaper and various other forms of media, our opinions and judgments are influenced by what we view. These skits can sway our vote one way or another based on how certain figures are portrayed. Although both McCain and Obama are imitated as well, Palin receives the most amounts of air time and coverage. I typically find the skits humorous, but at the same time, no matter how much you dislike someone they shouldn’t deserve this much negative attention.

Anonymous said...

The skits that were shown on Saturday Night Live portray many different sides of the Sarah Palin that really is, and the Sarah Palin that America got a chance to see through this media outlet. Like we do know, the media does not always shed a positive light on issues and ideas that the American people use as facts and not just unnecessary information. Unfortunately, some people can take what the media says about a particular political figure to heart and really believe that information to be true. That can make it hard to really differentiate what is truth and what is act. The question that you state about how far women will go to see a female leader in political office. However this does not mean just anyone in office, it has to be someone who deserves it and who in ready to be that leader for women and for all people.

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