Sunday, October 19, 2008

-So far in discussing Sarah Palin, I have focused on her as appealing to the vote of women in the United States. Though many say this is the reason she was chosen to be a running mate to John McCain, there may be some other reasons that people might not think of. One of these strong reasons could be her appeal to small town and rural America. Since she is currently governor of Alaska, she would be in touch with the small town feeling because there aren’t any large cities in Alaska.
Though she may appeal to the women in the United States because she would be a woman in a high leadership position for the country, I think there are other aspects to Sarah Palin that I and maybe others had not thought about. Was she chosen only for the female vote? I am not sure, but I think she is not only capturing the attention of American female voters, but also of people all across rural and small town America. Even while thinking about this, I will still focus on her appeal to women, but this week, I was unable to find anything reliable on that subject, so to keep on a female leader, I thought to look at Sarah Palin from another view.


Matt way said...

I have just recently read an article at Voice Of America News that states the opposite. I also assumed that Sara Palin was brought on board with McCain to gain the female majority vote, and that may very well be the case. However this article basically stats the opposite but in the case of senator Clinton when she was still in the running. The article give an example of the polls in both Iowa and New Hampshire that both showed a majority of voters were female and of that majority most of them voted for senator Obama or Mike Huckabee. In this article by Aida F. Akl she quotes "According to various pollsters, more than half of those who voted in the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary were women. In Iowa, single, Democratic women favored Illinois Senator Barak Obama, while married, Republican women identified with Mike Huckabee's evangelical religious background. In the New Hampshire primary, older women helped swing the vote in Senator Clinton's favor."
Later in the article she says "U.S. female voters include married women, working mothers and single mothers on welfare, widows, single and divorced women, and lesbians. While each of these groups can have different concerns, some analysts say most women base their support for a political candidate on the issues he or she advocates rather than on the candidate's gender"
Until i read this article i was a firm believer that a women candidate would defiantly receive a majority vote from the female voters over her opponents. This makes me rethink how much help Sara Palin could really be to McCain.

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