Sunday, October 26, 2008

-A relevant website that is connected to my blog and that I have used many times in my blog is the National Public Radio website, or I have found this website to be very useful because it covers a lot on both campaigns and is a very reliable source to learn from. Something else that is good about NPR is that they have articles that they have written and also articles that are taken from other sources. Even if the articles are from other sources, you can still know that they are reliable, and it makes a search for information a lot easier. There is not really a main focus of this website other than news. It provides world and local news, environmental news, health news, business news, and even entertainment news. For this blog, I have been using it for election news, but in discovering this website, I go to NPR for my news on many other things. It is very useful.
There are a couple articles I would like to comment on. I have posted both of them on this blog. What I find interesting about these two articles is that they are news stories that you listen too instead of read. I think this is great because it gives more emotion to the article and it is sometimes easier to follow than reading something that may not be word for word. I also think it helps my blog because it gives the reader something a little more interesting. -This is just an interesting article.

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