Thursday, November 6, 2008

I chose this article for two reasons. One was that it is related to Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany and a female leader. It was my focus this week to look into female leaders in Europe. The second reason I chose this article is because it relates to the IMF, or the International Monetary Fund. We talked about the IMF in class when we watched the movie in relation to the book Global Women. I thought that this made this article a little more interesting because it not only involved a female leader, but also a controversial agency that we discussed in class.
I am also putting in an article that is not so recent, but also interesting. It is from 2004, and it again relates to both my blog topic and the class. It focuses on a female leader in Europe, Irish President Mary McAleese, and HIV/AIDS, which we have been talking about extensively in class. UNICEF gathered in Dublin, Ireland for their annual meeting and Mary McAleese had some things to say, as well as some other key people in the article. I am glad I was able to find two articles that involved both a female leader and something we have talked about in class. -article about Angela Merkel and the IMF -article involving Mary McAleese and HIV/AIDS - UNICEF


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