Sunday, November 16, 2008

-This week, following my idea of focusing on female leaders by continent, I decided to focus on Central and South America. I started by focusing on a current woman in power, President Michelle Bachelet, who is president of Chile. I included a web page from BBC that gives a brief account of her history before and during her presidency. It seems that she won the election fairly, and runs the government without serious corruption, which says a lot when other female leaders in the history Central and South America are looked at.
After looking at Michelle Bachelet, I searched other female leaders. I found four others using the previous website I found on past and present women leaders. All four of the other female leaders had something fishy about their terms, or they weren’t allowed into office, as was the case with Rosalia Arteaga. I also found the case with Beatriz Merino to be interesting, as it seemed she was moved out of office due to her being suspected of being lesbian. I think this sort of ties into the class well because it shows the barriers that not only women have, but the barriers that GLBT has. I have included links about all of the past and present leaders in Central and South America.


ledholm said...

I think it's interesting how Beatriz Merino was removed from office for her suspected sexual orientation. Even here in America we have had very, very few cases of GLBTQ people in politics, man or woman. One thing to keep an eye out for though is Mary Maxwell, one of the remaining three candidates for Secretary of Labor in the Obama Cabinet. If appointed, she would be the first openly gay/lesbian cabinet member!

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